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The New Era Medical Investment Fund is an investment strategy to acquire and/or develop premier medical related properties. This Fund’s objective is to identify exceptional medical real estate investment opportunities using proven research methods, then structure and complete the transactions, and manage the investments to the most profitable disposition.



Healthcare has become one of the largest sectors of our economy and will continue to grow as Boomers age into their peak healthcare spending years.

Significant changes in America’s healthcare policy have created a new demand for medical services and new medical facilities.

New Era brings a team of some of the most experienced healthcare investment specialists, with decades of combined expertise, to ensure success.

Fund Objectives

The primary objectives of the the New Era Medical Investment Fund are to (i) make preferred equity and mezzanine debt bridge investments in Properties, (ii) generate sufficient revenues from such investments to make cash distributions to the Limited Partners, (iii) return the full amount of each Limited Partner’s invested capital, and (iv) distribute remaining distributable cash flow 80% to the Limited Partners.

THERE CAN BE NO ASSURANCE THAT THESE OBJECTIVES WILL BE ACHIEVED. The General Partner may reinvest all or a portion of the proceeds received from Capital Events rather than using such proceeds to make distributions to the Limited Partners. For a detailed Private Placement Memorandum, please click the button and fill out the request form.