New Era draws on a history of successful projects and experienced people who come from the medical investment world, and a robust perspective derived from more than a decade of research and development…to every party’s profit. Investors depend on us to provide well-researched healthcare real estate investment opportunities in high-growth markets. Developers rely on us for our breadth and depth of relationships among investors. And for medical operating companies, we are the catalyst that brings a project to fruition.


New Era Fund Strategy

The New Era Medical Investment Fund will make preferred equity and mezzanine debt bridge investments in real estate entities owning interests in health care related properties and their related shadow retail properties located throughout North America. These investments will generally be subordinate to first-lien mortgage financings and senior in right of repayment to the preferred equity. Generally, terms of the investments will be from one to five years, and are anticipated to provide origination points upon funding, preferred distributions on its equity investments and current and deferred interest on its mezzanine debt investments. It is anticipated that the mezzanine debt investments will be secured by second-lien mortgages on the underlying real property assets and/or by pledges of the ownership interests in the Properties. The General Partner expects that the Partnership will make some of these investments through a joint venture and/or co-investment arrangement with third parties or Affiliates of the General Partner.

Investor Financial Terms

• A Class A Limited Partnership Interest

• An 8% Preferred Return paid ahead of all other Classes

• A 100% return of each investors initial capital investment

• 80% of all Fund distributions

• A 5-year projected investment period


Fund Expenses

The New Era Fund operates on annual management fee of 2% of the Fund’s initial capitalization. For a more detailed description of the Fund’s expenses, please request a copy of the Private Placement Memorandum.